Monday, June 8, 2015

Imagiknit And Twin Peaks

I've been wanting to visit Imagiknit in San Francisco for quite some time, but it can be a tough sell to my family. Trips to SF tend to be along the waterfront, not the Castro. I told Connor I hadn't been to the shop or the Castro and he thought we ought to make a trip out.
It was everything I could have wanted and more. So much yarn. So much possibility. After touching all the yarn, Connor gave some valuable feedback that kept me from buying "several options" and sticking to the yarn I actually wanted.

And what does an hour in a yarn shop get you? The three skeins of white Koigu that you meant to buy in the first place.

After Imagiknit,  Connor took me to another place I hadn't been before: Twin Peaks. At least I think we went there...

It was really windy and foggy. We got a good view of our hair flying in our faces. There will be another trip at some point.
Representing with our knits. I'm wearing Beyond The Pines and Connor is wearing a cowl I made for him that has no pattern presently.

I had a lovely day and I'm glad we got to go for a few hours. And I'm excited to plan new things for that white yarn.


Anonymous said...

That sounded like a lovely day out. I discovered a new (to me) yarn store the other day. It was nice to walk along the shelves and get lost in all that colour and texture in a few minutes of knitterly bliss. I may have come out with a couple of things to add to my yarn collection... ;-)

Alicia said...

hahaha, 3 skeins of white yarn?! Your restraint is amazing. :)

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