Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Colonial Knob

The weather report is always threatening rain, but every time I go hiking it doesn't seem to happen. Last week Chris, Ian, and I went out to Colonial Knob. 

Apparently Chris and Ian usually go a different direction. The way we went involved a million steps. Every time I thought we had gotten to the top of all the steps a new long line would appear.
Not pictured: the other 999,950 other steps

We finally emerged out of the bush and went to a lookout. I mistakenly thought that we had reached the peak of our hike. I didn't mention this to anyone. Especially not after it was pointed out that we were still had a ways to go. And that included climbing upwards still. At least the steps were gone.

I felt like I'd earned lunch by the time we made it to the top.

I also got a lesson on another plant. It has hooks on the underside of the leaf and is called Bush Lawyer. Presumably because once it has got its claws in you....

Before heading back down, we hopped a fence and got a terrific view of the South Island. I'm looking forward to actually being on that island rather than just seeing it.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely walk! I don't envy you those 1,000,000 steps though. I know what that's like and it is not fun!

Alicia said...

I am so jealous of your NZ adventures! (Especially when I read about them while trapped in my office at work. Sigh...)

Pumpkin said...

I've really enjoyed hearing about all of your adventures, such a beautiful country and you are making the best of it! I'm very sorry to hear that you are separated from your stash though, how sad!

Jennifer said...

Oh man, I just realized that you're going to enjoy a double summer this year! I'm so envious of all this beautiful weather and sunshine. Everything looks so beautiful! Enjoy your second summer... we're having freezing nights and cold days.

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