Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Knit All The Socks And Sweaters

My Pomme De Pin is finished! Actually, it was finished July 13th, but it took awhile to get some pictures.

I used Cephalopod's Bugga! in the Nebraska Conehead color way. Just days after I finished the sweater, Cephalopod announced that they were closing their doors. I'm just happy that I have a nice sweater out of their yarn.

I made many modifications, the most visual one being the way I changed the collar. All the details can be found on my Pomme De Pin project page via ravelry.

Of course I can't leave out a picture of the sleeve after explaining how it was sewn in.

Just after finishing the Pomme De Pin, I cast on these socks. It is a future pattern design. The fancy patterning is on the other side of the socks. I have one last diagram to draw before they are ready for testing.

I also completed my Something's Rotten In The State Of Denmark socks from Canon Hand Dyes. It had felt like I'd been knitting these forever. I started these on May 30th and finished them on July 20th. Let it be known that the knitter's definition of forever is a month and three quarters.

Of course I always have to have a Canon Hand Dyes sock on the needles. Here is Yoga For Elephants. I wanted to cast on these ever since the yarn arrived, but I'm proud to say that I remained disciplined and finished the Denmark socks.

I've also got Pente on the needles. A group of us decided to do a knit along with each other, which quickly became a knit against. I'm knitting the second sleeve, then I just have the back and some finishing to do. Once you start knitting the sleeves, this sweater quickly becomes a tangled mess. I considered trying to lay it out, but honestly, the way it sits in my knitting basket is the most accurate illustration as to how it feels to be knitting this sweater. It will be worth it in the end though.

What has everyone else got on the needles these days? Any crazy, tangled knitting going on?


Anonymous said...

Wow, you have been knitting all the things!! Your cardigan is gorgeous. You will get a heap of wear out of that. And all the socks are very, very lovely. Looks like your Pente has got a bit more loving that my Robin. I have given up knitting it for the time being. I have sock madness at the moment...

Pumpkin said...

Cephalopod is closing? Oh how sad! You are such a super knitter, I don't know how you do it all! The cardigan is my favorite, the color, the fit, it's so perfect!

Jennifer said...

The sweater is gorgeous! And of course has such well-set-in sleeves. Too bad the yarn will be no more... sniff! And those socks are all so much fun. I'm almost finished with a sweater, which is exciting!

Maryse said...

So many beauties! This is an impressive post when you are a knitter for who forever is much much much longer!

Unknown said...

Wow! You've been busy! :-)
I've just some simple knitting and crochet projects in the basket... easy things to knit whilst out in the garden enjoying the summer :-)

Alicia said...

So much knitting, consider me jealous! Your cardigan is perfect, I love it. Also, if that is the definition of forever, then every single one of my knitting projects takes forever plus infinity to finish. :)

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