Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Eureka Peak And Home: ERT 2014 Day 6 & 7

Day 6 of the Epic Road Trip of 2014 started out with eggs and bacon. Actually, every morning at Camp Layman started with Mum making eggs and bacon in the little kitchen. (So yummy!) After filling our tummies we drove out to start our hike at Eureka Peak. Years ago I'd been to this lake and Mum had said, "One day I'd like to hike that." And I thought to myself, "Me too!"

One of the neat things about Eureka Peak is that you are hiking above many, many miles of mining tunnels. Although there isn't really any evidence of mining along the hiking trail. 
We passed by a little creek, and as we turned a corner, I got to see some Leopard Lilies up close.

We'd driven by some on the day we looked for the Pioneer Tree. It has been so dry this year in California that I wasn't sure if we'd see any of these lilies. They tend to grow where it is a bit marshy. But half way up a mountain there was a whole collection of them.

After hiking for awhile longer, we came to a confusing part of the trail It wasn't really clear how to get to the peak. After scrambling up lots of loose rock, we did manage to get to the top of the peak. The view was marvelous, so all the scrambling was worth it. We could even see Mount Lassen in the distance.
Mount Lassen is just below the cloud

It was a warm day, so Mum and I made plans to get another Orange Freeze at the Graeagle Frostee when we made it back down. 
One of those brownish spots by the other set of mountains is where the Frostee is

We had a relaxing afternoon followed by a tasty dinner. And in the evening we walked out to the train bridge nearby Camp Layman. It's a bit of a tradition to walk out to the bridge. If you are lucky a train might go by. There was no train, but I enjoyed the smell of the pines and watching the bats flit by in the dusk.

The next morning we headed back home. But since we were passing the Frostee, I suggested that we order one last Orange Freeze. It was a perfect end to a really fun roadtrip.


Jennifer said...

This looks like such a wonderful trip! And of course all of your photos are amazing!

Andi G said...

Epic road trip indeed. I have been loving visiting to see all the days. Beautiful photos!

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