Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Scooter And Tangey

I realized that I haven't had a proper Scooter post since last August. Scooter hasn't been up to too much trouble since then. But the other day we saw his cat friend, Tangey, during walkies. Tangey (pronounced like the beginning of tangerine) hasn't been around much as of late. But whenever he sees Scooter, he runs out from wherever he is to say hi. There aren't too many cats around our neighborhood who are excited to see Scooter.
This is the only time I've ever been able to get a picture of Scooter and Tangey

Scooter loves Tangey. They sniff each other, which is rather adorable. Sometimes Tangey will roll over, which Scooter doesn't like very much. Even though Tangey doesn't use claws, he likes bopping Scooter on the nose. Scooter isn't into that.
During our visit, Scooter inevitably gets distracted and goes to sniff a nearby plant, so I pet Tangey a bit to thank him for coming over.


DKnits said...

What a sweet post :) Scooter and Tangey are lovely

kjsutcliffe said...

Our cat does similar things - the rolling over and bopping on the nose - but for only one dog, not every dog. And the dog always looks a little embarrassed at this attention.

Anonymous said...

That is so cool. Tangey has the same coloured coat as my Roly. (Only Roly is a classic marking and Tangey is tabby). It almost looks like our two pets together!

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