Monday, March 3, 2014

Big Sur and Morro Bay

Two weekends ago, it was my birthday. And for the first time in 12 years, I wasn't sick for it. (Hurrah!) So I was able to go with Rachael for a hiking weekend. We started out in Big Sur. The color of the water here is unreal.

The first hike we did was the Tanbark Trail. While going up to the top of the ridge, we saw a tree fall. So now we know that if a tree falls in a forest and there are two people around, it will make a sound. Also, it will dawn on those two people that more trees could fall and that maybe they should hike a little faster. Once we got to the top we had lunch and enjoyed the view.

At the top of the trail is the Tin House. It was a house that was apparently abandoned because a metal house in a coastal area expands and contracts so much that the sound is intolerable. Later on a fire went through it and the glass that was left there melted from the heat of the fire. We ended the day by driving to Morro Bay and having a lovely dinner. Our server suggested a hike for the next day.

And that hike was to go to the top of Mt. Valencia. So, the next day we went to Montana de Oro and hiked up the mountain. The view is unmatched. Morro Rock looks so small. 

After wandering down the mountain, we ate lunch by a cove, then headed out to check out the Los Osos Oaks. I wish I could share how much I enjoyed it here. The warm breeze brushed past the oaks and dappled light danced through the lichen and moss. Many of the oaks are hundreds of years old and many have fascinating shapes. This one looks like a cross.

After seeing the oaks, Rachael stayed at the motel and I went over to see Morro Rock close up. It's pretty impressive. Apparently, at one point in time the rock had been mined. Now it is a protected area where Peregrin Falcons roost.

After two days of hiking, I was a little tired. We had done nearly 20 miles at this point. So before leaving Morro Bay we did a small hike around the Elfin Forest. This area is full of dwarf oaks. I think I could spend all day in an oak forest.

All in all, it was a terrific trip. I'll be riding high from this one for quite some time.


Jennifer said...

Happy birthday! Those look like some wonderful hikes, in such stunning scenery.

Unknown said...

Happy, happy birthday! What gorgeous ecosystems. I need to get out west sometime.

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday! Those oaks are incredible.

Andi G said...

What an amazing way to spend you birthday. So glad you weren't sick!

Caffeine Girl said...

What a fabulous way to spend your birthday. I do envy those of you who live by the ocean!

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