Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Robin Hoodie

The Robin Hoodie is the 7th design to appear in Lit Knits. While there are many books on Robin Hood to choose from, I read Howard Pyle's version, The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood which was published in 1883.

The pullover is a raglan, knit from the hood down. Special care was taken to make the cables at the top of the hood match up when grafted together. And the instructions have detailed diagrams explaining how to graft stockinette, reverse stockinette, and how to switch between the two. The cabling that starts in the hood goes down the arms, front, and back of the sweater without interruption.
Bonus: all the sweater sizes reference the different characters in Robin Hood. I wear the Allan A Dale size. The model is wearing the Will Scarlet size.

Although it wasn't as hot as the day of the Tomfoolery shoot, it still wasn't close to being sweater weather. My model sweated it out all the while avoiding ants. There were so many ants.
We were in a pretty secluded area, but some person came by, sat down, and started smoking something that was plainly not just a cigarette. At some point they noticed us, a bunch of people taking pictures of "Robin Hood" complete with bow and arrow. I'd like to think that they thought they had really good stuff that day.
This is my favorite picture from all of the shoots. I couldn't help but put it on the cover of the book.

Showing how the cables ran down the entire sweater was a challenge. It was difficult to take pictures that showed off parts of the sweater without looking unnatural. We tried a bunch of poses. Some of them were good, despite not making it in the book.

We did an Errol Flynn styled pose too, just for fun. It didn't quite show off the sweater the way I wanted it to, but hey, we had to give it a try. Not pictured is me battling a branch and contorting myself around a nearby cement wall in order to get this shot.

After this shoot, we immediately continued on to where the Down The Rabbit Hole shoot would happen. (The shoots were done back-to-back.) The model switched to being the lighting assistant. The flowers were on a sloping hill, so we were all in uncomfortable positions to keep from falling over. At some point he looked over his shoulder and asked, "Do I look like a pin-up?"

I'll let you all be the judge of that.


Mademoiselle Marie said...

Audry, you did an amazing job on your book! I love ALL the patterns. Seriously. The huge treasure island shawl is my favorite design but these robin hoodie photos are the best.

Pumpkin said...

It has been so much fun to read more about the behind the scenes of the Book. I can still hardly believe it is finished! I was super excited to finally get to see it. I've decided to knit Behind the Garden Wall first, I knew I had to knit it ASAP the second I saw the pattern page. I went to Webs today to pick up yarn for Celestarum (finally!) today and got to brag to an employee about how you were my buddy and obviously the best designer out there ; )

Jennifer said...

I absolutely LOVE this pattern! The cables are just the perfect style for this and it's wonderful how you managed them through the hood. Well done!

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