Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Stash Sisters

The last time I showed a sneak peek of this sweater was in February. When I knit the last one, it was made to fit the model. This time, it's going to fit me. I wasn't expecting to be so excited making this sweater again, but I am. I do wish for a few things though: I wish I was done knitting it and that The Book was out so that I could wear it. I also wish it was cold so that it would be possible to wear it for more than five minutes without overheating.

This version is made with Stansborough's Mythral in the color Takahe which Wei Siew so kindly gifted me. The yarn is glorious. For those who are use to only knitting with Merino wool, it might feel a little rough. But for me, it is perfect. Every time I wear the sweater, it will be a big, warm hug that reminds me that I have a yarn buddy who willingly gave up their favorite stash for me. You can't get any closer in the yarn world than that. It's like being blood brothers. Or in this case, stash sisters.

As for The Book, I have spent the last few days writing up the introduction, acknowledgments, and a few other non-pattern pages. It is so close to being done, yet it will still take over a month to get everything ready for the release. Even after The Book itself is finished, I'll still have to get my website updated, all the ravelry descriptions written, pictures resized for the different places they will be posted. It's funny how there are so many details tied up in a project like this. I sort of wish I could have several of me running around to get some of this done faster. But everything is still moving forward, even if it feels like it is at a snails pace. 


Anonymous said...

How are you releasing it?

Allispin said...

I can't wait for it

José said...

Sounds like the last straws... Hope you still enjoy it, even if you wish it were going faster ? I am very curoius about the book ! All those sneak peeks sure look good..
Don't really wish it were colder though ( but then of course the cardigan I am knitting is far from finshed yet.. )

Maryse said...

Wow! You certainly make it a suspense for us to finally see your book! ;-)

savannahchik said...

Tease! Total tease with that pic! I love the elfin hood and can't wait to see the whole thing.

DKnits said...

Love the look of this hood! Good luck with the finishing of your book Audry

Danette Bartelmay said...

Been catching up with you ~ as always you have been a very creative and busy Girl!
It's all lovely :)))
I had to sign up to follow you again. While getting switched over to a new provider and email account my son in law came to help me and my blog was accidentally delete. When we recovered it I was no longer following any blogs!!! EEK!!!
So I am back :)))
Love to You,

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