Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Mascot Project - 4KCBWDAY2

Today's prompt for Knit and Crochet Blog Week "is to either think of or research a project that embodies that house/animal."

Well, since the animal I have chosen is a Bee Monkey, this makes things a little more challenging. But I think a pattern mash-up of my own pattern, Free Bees, and Cookie A's pattern, Monkey, could look quite attractive. The foot of the socks could be the Monkey pattern and the leg portion of the socks could have the bees from Free Bees. The project would be called "Free the Bee Monkeys."


Amy said...

I've found myself drawn to socks lately and this bee pattern is fantastic. Definitely going into my queue :D

Unknown said...

Sometimes I knit things just for the name. Free the Bee Monkeys would fit that case.

Before I destashed the yarn, I was going to knit Monkeys out of a colorway called "The Very Quiet Cricket" -- project page = The Very Quiet Monkeys.

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