Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Success

This year's Christmas was a success. We had the full Christmas experience complete with arguments, grumpiness, and a healthy dose of being uncomfortable out in the cold for a bit. I was the only one who made gifts this year, so I pronounced it Christmas on the 24th. I couldn't wait any longer to see everyone open their gifts. (I may have made Mum open her's a few days before.) 
Mum has taken up needle felting, so I made her a "Make Your Own Scooter" kit. It is mostly wool, but I once had washed the dog and saved some of his clean fur from his hair cut. I thought it should be part of the kit in order to make it more authentic. I even drew step by step instructions.

I made my brother a brain slug. Futurama is one of the few things we have bonded over. That and Venture Bros. Our conversations often will include a reference from either show. Usually he doesn't like gifts, but he was really into this one. Or maybe that was the brain slug talking.
Hurray for Zoidberg! 

I've made things for Dad in the past, but when I saw this Star Trek robe, I knew that I would be buying this year's gift.  It was too good not to. Here is Dad doing his best Spock impression. Mum thought this impression was a little too realistic.
It's only logical

Scooter got his gift early and has decided that he isn't really into sweaters. He has managed to stretch it out and wiggle his way out of it already. Scooter got turkey later, so his Christmas went well. 

I hope everyone's holiday has gone well. Has anyone had any gift successes or disasters this year? (Does anyone else have a dog who doesn't like sweaters?)


WildflowerWool said...

Merry Christmas! Sounds like you had a wonderful family Christmas. Love the picture of your Dad!

DKnits said...

Merry Christmas! Love all your pictures!
My dog hated sweaters as well :p

Unknown said...

What fun photos! :)

José said...

Sounds like you had a good time ! I think your dad rocks in that robe :)
We don't have any tradition for Christmas gifts in our family, so no successes or disasters there... ( relief, I guess; for my knitting isn't good enough yet for big gifts and I'm quite horrible of coming up with good gift ideas for my parensts other than coupons for a thermae visit, usually.. )
Too bad Scooter didn't like his sweater, I think he looked too cute in it, as did the two of you together in your matching set

Andi G said...

Merry Christmas indeed. My personal fav is the brain slug. I may need to borrow it from your brother!

Pumpkin said...

Your family is so obviously awesome. The "Make your own Scooter kit" is so adorable, please ask your mom to show us it when she finishes. Does the felted version come complete with sweater?

Anonymous said...

Christmas with your family looks like it was wonderful! Love all the gifts you came up with for them :) I made my sister a rose scarf and she said it made her whole Christmas. So good to be appreciated! All 3 of my dogs HATE sweaters too.

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