Friday, October 26, 2012


Goal #4: Knit a pair of sock with my own hand spun yarn. Check that one off of the annual goal list.
This was one of the goals I wasn't really sure I would have time for this year. But I'm really happy I did it. Plus, I'd been wanting to knit the Denature pattern for nearly two years now. My weird gauge and lack of sock knowledge had kept me from them... until now.

I had divided the braid in half when I spun up the yarn. But one skein ended up being a little thinner than the other, so I had to take out lengths of yarn to keep the stripes matching. Usually I use a Russian join when joining yarn, but since this isn't a superwash wool, I went ahead and did a spit splice for the first time ever. (I used water, not spit) It might be my new favorite kind of join.

The official info:
100% Polwarth Top from Woolgatherings. The braid was split in half for the first ply, then was Navajo plied. It ended up around a heavy fingering weight. The size small sock called for 70+ stitches to be cast on. I did some editing and cast on 52 stitches instead.
Ravelry Project Page

(Thanks for modeling the socks Mum)


Anonymous said...

Congrats on achieving your goal! I love that sock pattern. And you did a great job spinning the yarn- I love the striping effect!

Maryse said...

Lovely socks! Way to go for the goal list!!!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty Audrey! I love the colors.

Anonymous said...

Nice!! They look cosy too.

Andi G said...

I have been waiting for these to be finished. They do not disapoint. Fantastic!

Pumpkin said...

They are finished! Hooray! Audry, they look fantastic. How wonderful it is that you get to complete a goal too.

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