Monday, July 30, 2012

Cloud Tsunami

I spent some time last week with my Mum scoping out the next place to take more pictures for The Book. This time around we spent some time on a pier looking for good lighting and angles. It was an amazing evening. A wall of fog was rolling in and it looked like a tsunami coming at us.

Sea lions were making a real ruckus under the pier. I lamented the fact that the lens I had on my camera is a prime lens and I couldn't get a closer picture of this guy. He only came up for a brief moment before sinking back into the murky water.

We were pretty hungry, so eating at a restaurant located near the end of the pier was a must. I hadn't had clam chowder in a long while, so this was just heavenly. While eating, there was reminiscing that when I was younger I hated clam chowder. 

There were a fair number of pigeons hanging out and I noted that their presence really inspired quick table busing. I caught a picture of this guy right before he stretched out his wings.

The night was cool and windy and the clouds were sprays of ice in the sky. As we headed back home the moon winked down on us.

Picture taking is still going fairly smoothly. I'm rapidly re-knitting a new version of one of the designs before tackling design #9. There are massive improvements being made in the knit and the instructions.


Maryse said...

Your pictures are amazing! I always have a good clam chowder when I go to the States!

Brianna said...

That pigeon picture is amazing!! I love it! It's rare to capture a bird in "almost flight!"

Pumpkin said...

Wonderful photos! I think that is a perfect place for some great shots for the book. Good luck with the designs, you can do this! Also, I find the picture of the pigeon absolutely hilarious!

Anonymous said...

That sounds just like my version of a perfect day! I love the little glimpses you gave of what you saw. Your photos are great!

José said...

Love those pictures ! The pigeon really ís amazing... As well as the fog.... if you'd have said those were mountains afar, I'd have believed it just the same :-)
Knitting pictures from that location must be cool too, good luck with The Book !

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