Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Spinning Spinning Spinning Keep Them Fibers Spinning

Around two years ago I started a giant spinning project. I was going to spin all the brown mill scraps I had collected/ been gifted/ bought while I was working at the mill and make a blanket to commemorate the time I spent there. It was even #1 on my 2011 goal list. I ended up spending most of 2011 designing knits so this project was never finished. 

I felt re-inspired to take up the project again, but there were a couple of other smaller projects I thought I ought to finish before working on the blanket project again. Today I finished plying the Woolgatherings sock yarn that will probably become Denature socks. One skein for each sock.

I also finished up my indigo dyed silk/yak yarn. I've always heard that silk is hard to spin, but was extremely surprised to find that I didn't seem to have a problem. It was a bit more slippery, but not too bad.... until I tried to ply it. Bahhhh. I had overspun one of the singles a little bit and didn't realize it until I was plying. Luckily the skein settled down after a good soak and yank. It came out to 286 yards of laceweight. I have no idea what to do with it, but it's really pretty... and shiny.

With all my other spinning projects completed, I have cleared the way for the blanket project. There's quite a bit of fiber to go. Thank goodness I'm spinning worsted weight yarn. 


Pumpkin said...

That blanket project is pretty much the most awesome thing I have ever heard of. Also, I sort of hate you for having worked at a mill because it is just beyond awesome. I'm in love with the Woolgatherings handspun, the colors are just so pretty, and will work well with the denature pattern (which I totally have to knit at some point considering I'm a molecular biologist)

Anonymous said...

LOVE the yarn for the blanket! I'm knitting a mohair one at the moment using scraps as a cuddle blanket for the young man. In the meantime, it's cuddling me (much appreciated this winter). I'm looking forward to seeing the progress on yours - it will be amazing, I'm sure of it!

Maryse said...

Looks like a nice project! I look forward to following your progress! I look forward to see how your Denature socks will knit up! Have a great week!

Yarn-Madness said...

So much yarn gorgeousness! :D

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