Thursday, March 1, 2012

Fast Flyer

When I was at Stitches I asked the people at Carolina Homespun what spindle would be the best to make lace since I had no luck with my wheel. I was asked something that made me realize I'm a bit of an idiot I have a lot to learn. "Have you used your fast flyer?" I made some stupid excuse that the fast flyer scared me or something... but really I'd forgotten I even had one. So I popped it onto my wheel last night and instantly I was making lace.

I'd been saving my second Moonrover Mystery Batt for a special occasion. Learning to make lace seemed like a perfect time to break it out. (I did test out my abilities on some other roving to make sure I could do it) So I'm halfway through the 2oz of fiber.

But that isn't the best part. While I was digging through all my spinning stuff looking for the fast flyer, I found an unopened box. And in it was a jumbo plying bobbin. I didn't even know this came with the wheel! It was like my birthday all over. I wish I'd known about it when I was making beehive yarn. It would have made life so much more fun. But now I can go nuts with the beehive sizing!


Anonymous said...

I wish I knew how to spin, that yarn is amazingly pretty!

Anonymous said...

I have never done any spinning but it is on my "to do" list for someday. It looks so fun!

AC said...

Is it harder to do lace than larger gauge yarn? Intuitively it seems like it would be.

Alina Sayre said...

You're amazing. Know that?

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