Sunday, September 4, 2011

Prototype Retrofit

I'm quite pleased with myself. I had several other knits that called my name, but I was incredibly disciplined and managed to complete a two-hat commission. I don't normally make copies of my hats, but on occasion I'll do a commission for a friend.

The blue footed booby hat on the right is a prototype. After I made it, I had decided that the hat needed a white brim, so I made another hat for the pattern photograph. But this left me with an extra hat. It's identical to the final product except that the brim isn't white.

I thought I'd retrofit the prototype with a white brim. It seemed like a reasonably easy fix, but turned out to take quite a bit of time. (Doesn't everything...)

Putting the hat back together turned out to be much easier than taking it all apart. Though, the end result was exactly what I hoped for.

Of course I'm a perfectionist, so even when one stitch was a bit off, I'd take everything apart to fix the error. It took until 10pm to weave in all the ends of both hats. But what a good feeling that is! And I'm really proud of how both hats came out.


AC said...

Heh heh, blue footed boobie.

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