Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Winemaking 101: Part 3

I'd finished our wine a little while ago, but forgot to post the rest of the instructions... oops.

Once the oak chips have settled, you can filter the wine. (Or you can wait an extra week or so to let the wine season a bit more. It's all about personal preference.) Have a strong light by the bottle so you can see where the sediment lays.

You will be siphoning all the wine out of the carboy. Pull the siphon out when you see sediment starting to be drawn out. Clean out the carboy and put the wine back in. Let the sediment settle for another day or so. Re-siphon the wine. I go through the process twice, minimum. The more you do this, the more sediment you can get out. But you sacrifice the amount of wine you end up with.

Once you are done filtering, you can bottle. I use the siphon for this as well. Then cork the bottles. (A bottle corker is very useful for this task) Wait about six months before enjoying the wine. It can be drunk earlier, but the flavor of the wine doesn't come through until later.


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