Wednesday, December 6, 2017

O Christmas Tree

I thought I'd have some great knitting progress to show off today, but finals are next week and all sorts of homework and projects have gotten assigned at the last minute. Instead I'd like to share this year's Christmas Tree. We've enjoyed the warm glow of the lights in the evenings as we snuggle up together.

I'm also pretty excited about some of the presents under the tree. The three kiddos that live next door have no idea that they each have a present waiting for them. I've had the pleasure of spending time with them and had a pretty good idea of what they each would enjoy. Rather than buy a toy, we have chosen to get them each a book that can help them do something they already have voiced wanting to learn. (One of them wants to be a knitter!)


José said...

I think your tree looks fabulous, with that colour ! And what a nice and thoughtfull idea to buy the kids books :)

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