Monday, March 13, 2017

Sock, Sock, Sweater

The weather has just turned warm, which means the two new pairs of socks I finished will have to wait to be enjoyed. Luckily I have my socks out on display, so I can enjoy looking at them while I wait to wear them. 
The first pair is my Hieroglyphic Socks. I started these in September and have been working on them on and off until now. They required quite a bit of attention when I started, but I found that once I got my rhythm, I could knit them at knit night or while semi-distracted. They never quite got to car-knitting level, though. I didn't like putting them down mid-round.

I did make some edits to the pattern. I didn't care for the recommended heel, so I put a heel flap in. And rather than leave it plain blue, I took a page from Stickfia's book and kept the stripes going. I did find that the golden stripe on either edge of the sock got a little gappy, so I sewed through the blue loops on the heel flap and anchored them with duplicate stitching to the blue stripes on the gusset. I was pleased to find that it worked just like I had hoped.

I'm also quite happy with my replacement rainbow socks. It sort of looks like a trick of the camera, but the sock on the left is the old, washed out sock. The one on the right is the new one.

I had hoped to finish while it was still raining, but wasn't quite able to make it. I thought it would be delightful to wear rainbows in the rain. Honestly, I would have been happy wearing rainbows in the sun, but I'm not so happy sweating in rainbows.

Now that both pairs of socks are entirely off my plate, I have been devoting all my knitting time to my Iceland sweater. I'm not quite done with the first sleeve, but I'm getting there. The recommended sizing would have the sweater fall off of my shoulders, so I am entirely ignoring the recommended sleeve/body width and am blocking my progress after every 20 rows or so to make it match my own measurements instead.

So far, so good. The pattern is pretty intuitive and has paired well with Netflix watching. Speaking of which, I have been watching Greenleaf. Or, I should say, Connor and I have been watching Greenleaf. After watching a few episodes by myself and talking about it, Connor thought he would watch an episode with me. We are both sucked in and now I need to find a different show to watch when he isn't around. 

Has anyone else got a show that has just sucked them in? I'd love to hear some recommendations.


José said...

Your Hieroglyphic socks are stunning, wow !
Greenleaf sounds good, added it to my list ;) But first I'll try to finish The Team

Anonymous said...

Wow, the difference between that old and new sock is incredible! Who knew there was THAT much colour fading on socks.. Love the new pair, they'll be happily waiting for you when the weather turns cold again :)

Maryse said...

The socks are gorgeous! And I love knits with leaves patterns! Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Good job on all the knitting! That is quite a difference in your rainbow socks! Eric and I have recently got Netflix. We have been sucked into the Dr Who train, and watched all the episodes and now we are chowing through all the anime. You can tell who controls the remote...

Andi G said...

Those socks- oh my! Both are gorgeous!
I hadn't heard of Greenleaf, thank you for the recommendation. I have been addicted to Vikings. I can't get enough.

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