Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Knitter May Safely Knit

Hello friends. I am in a much better knitting mood than when we last talked about my knitted socks. Last time, all my socks decided to mutiny. After several weeks of battle and many more rippings, I now have two pairs of socks that are willing to be worn. First off, my Sheep May Safely Graze socks now have brand new heels.
 The previous heels wore out after wearing the socks twice. After repairing them, they didn't even survive another day out. New heels were needed.

I ended up using two sets of circular needles to get the job done. The new heels were knit out of Baah La Jolla! in the La Perla color way. I'm happy to have these socks back in my sock drawer.

The other pair of socks that has finally decided to behave are my Concrete and Tulip socks. 

I really appreciate everyone on instagram who gave me great advice on how to keep my socks up. I chose to rip back the socks past the ribbing, reknit everything in stockinette, then add some new yarn (Anzula Squishy) for the hem. I ran out of grey as well, so I used Anzula Squishy in Charcoal to turn the hem and Anzula Squishy in Boysenberry to make the insides more cheerful. The Charcoal was used again for sewing the hem down.

It was tough figuring out what elastic to use. Did you know that there are a bunch of different kinds? I didn't. After stretching just about every type and size, I selected a 3/4 inch braided (not knit or woven) elastic in black to get the job done. To test out how tight I might need it, I cut a length, safety pinned it together, then put it over the sock and wore it around. I even went on an hour walk like this, every once in awhile pulling my pant leg up to adjust the elastic. I felt a little dorky when people passed by as I was safety pinning away. To get though it, I pretended to be a designer for a high end fashion house. 

I also need to give credit where credit is due. Tech Knitting's articles on creating a hem with elastic and how to sew a hem down were invaluable for finishing these socks. 

After all these knitting successes, I am feeling quite good about my next set of knits. Connor and I even finished a project each, but I'll save that for another day.


Monica said...

Thought I was really impressed with the color work of the top pair and then you pulled off the elastic trick?? Both socks are amazing, Audry! perseverance paid off.

SillyLittleLady said...

Yay!! So glad to hear you've calmed the mutiny and all the socks are cooperating! Those knee socks are still my faves :D

Alicia said...

Very glad those stripey socks are cooperating! I love the tech knitter blog.

Anonymous said...

This post honestly makes me so happy! Those knee socks are beyond perfect and this is such a beautiful solution to the problem. And that's some impressive heel replacement you did there! Congrats on two fantastic pairs of socks :)

autumngeisha said...

Both socks are so amazing. Great job on making them wearable. The colorwork on the sheep pair is crazy beautiful!

Andi G said...

The socks are brilliant!
Whew- happy to hear that the sock mutiny is over and all is right in the knitting world again.
What a smart idea about the elastic hem.

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