Friday, December 2, 2016

The Socks Are Marching One By One, Hurrah, Hurrah

I am getting so close to finishing my Concrete And Tulip socks, I can taste it. I'm about to put the cuff into the second sock. Once that is done, I'm going to rip out the cuff on the first sock and re-knit it with two more stripes included in the ribbing. I'm also thinking that I want to try a tubular cast off for these socks. I've never done one and I'm obsessive about how the stripes land, so it may take a few goes. Does anyone have a favorite tutorial for that style of cast off? I'm partial to step by steps with pictures.

As soon as the knee high socks are done, one of these three balls of Stray Cat Sock yarn will be knit. I'm thinking either knitting a pair of Geek Socks with Kiwi Christmas or perhaps a pair of Vanilla Lattes with Pahutukawa Tree. I might hold off on the Joyeux Noel ball for now.
Left to right: Kiwi Christmas, Pohutukawa Tree, Joyeux Noel

Meanwhile, the poor Hieroglyphic Socks have been in time out. I had to reknit the cuff three times before it matched the gauge on the first sock. Not sure what happened, but I ended up having to go up a needle size. 

And that is all that is on the needles! I have all sorts of yarn sitting out with patterns printed and ready to go, but for some reason, I find it difficult to cast on. Probably because everything I want to make needs a gauge swatch... ugh.


Anonymous said...

Your knee highs are going to be so awesome. I love how you put so much effort into your socks. I haven't worked a tubular cast off before. Looking forward to seeing how yours comes out!

Anonymous said...

Be still my sock knitting heart! This post is such a sock knitters dream. Those knee highs!!! <3 <3
I've never tried a tubular cast off so I'm curious to see how it'll go.

SillyLittleLady said...

I love your concrete and tulip socks! Perfect color combination and ambitious knee-highs :D

Maryse said...

The Tulip socks are gorgeous! I love stripes and the colors really look good! They must have been fun to knit. Needless to say, they are looking identical :)

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