Friday, October 7, 2016

The Baby Is Always The Triforce Of Power

My good friend Elaine is going to have a baby soon, so the call that many a knitter feel: I had to make her something. What started off as a simple baby hat idea quickly grew. She and her husband are big fans of The Legend of Zelda, so I knew that I needed to make the baby an Elven Hero hat. Then it seemed like Elaine would need one too. Of course if Elaine had one, so would Caleb. (I think new dads get a little left out in the baby hub hub, so I wanted to make sure he was included.) And all of a sudden there were three hats.

Connor had been talking about knitting a pair of socks as his fourth project, so I talked him into knitting a pair of baby socks for our friends. He worked really hard. He hardly needed any help at all. I was impressed.

This is Elaine and Caleb's first, so in keeping with the Legend of Zelda theme, we packaged everything to match the different parts of the Triforce. It seems appropriate since the three of them are essentially going to become a Triforce.

 This baby is going to be loved, and now it is also going to be cozy.


Anonymous said...

I love how you turn everything you do into the most amazing project ever. :-)

Anonymous said...

This is taking baby gifts to the next level, I LOVE the theme! And indeed, it seems like dads are often forgotten a little so I'm sure he'll appreciate also being part of it :)

Jennifer said...

What fun and lovely gifts for the new baby and new parents! I am confident they will love and appreciate them.

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