Thursday, August 4, 2016

Sock Life

I've been catching up on reading a bunch of blogs and I was impressed with all the socks that have been finished and blogged about recently. Angela at Pans & Needles has two pair: one pair for herself and one secret pair for her beloved's Christmas gift this year. Monica at Sweet Purls has just finished a fun purple pair of socks. And Tahnee over at Woollen Wilderness has finished not just one, but two pairs of socks in just the last month: Pixel Socks and Spring Fern Socks. And those are just the finished ones. Andi at My Sister's Knitter has a cute pair on the needles while Wei Siew at Kiwiyarns is knitting a party for her feet. (She also just finished her Southern Skies... so you should all go "ooo and ahh" it.)

I have not been as successful in the knitting arena. I had hoped to have a finished something to show off by now, but it just hasn't worked out.

What I do have is one almost finished first sock and a second sock that is almost ready for its heel to be put in. Why an "almost finished first sock" you ask. Well, I am a perfectionist, especially in the self-striping sock arena. They joke about it at knit night. Not only do I need my socks to match perfectly... apparently I have a thing about having a tiny bit of a new stripe showing up on the toe. This almost happened on my Geographer socks, but there was more than one row of the hot pink on the toe, so I let it go. But just one tiny row of orange on a sea of purple? No thank-you!

I got halfway through grafting the first sock before deciding that I was going to knit the second sock to see if the orange showed up in the exact same spot. "What if the orange shows up in the exact same spot and matches perfectly?" you wonder. Good question. I don't care if it matches perfectly. It is still the same orange problem and I'm going to remove it one way or another.

In other knitting news, I've completely abandoned Mum's cowl for now (sorry Mum) in favor of working on a wedding gift and baby shower gift. But in between that, it's all about these socks.


Anonymous said...

Haha. Literally read this as sat here knitting socks. It's that time of year I guess (thanks for the shout out!)

I actually love that little orange line. It looks like couture seaming or something, so neat and tidy at the very end of the sock. I agree that a couple of rows would bug me, but just one looks intentional. It would be pretty cool if they ended up matching. Orange graft or not, those are excellent stripes!

Elaine said...

Love the colors on these! Also <3 (sorry mom)

Anonymous said...

Audry, you are hilarious! Good thinking about waiting to see if the orange stipe shows on the next sock. I hope it does. I agree with Angela - it looks cool. Thanks for the shout-out. The sock knitting party continues...

Anonymous said...

It does feel like everyone is sock knitting this summer.. And I didn't know you were such a sock knitting perfectionist, these are looking awesome though! Which reminds me that my stash could use some more self striping yarn. Which yarn is this actually?
Ps. LOVE the shot of your toes peeping out of the sock :D

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