Friday, October 23, 2015

Lassen Adventure - Pt.2

The next morning of our Lassen adventure, we got up bright and early-ish, had breakfast at the restaurant by the motel, and pumped ourselves up for the big climb. Connor kept saying, "I can't believe I'm going to climb a volcano!" And I said to myself, "Who's idea was this?" since I'd climbed this once and I remembered it being hard.

We climbed and climbed and climbed. We stopped many times to catch our breath. A family was hiking right behind us and their three little boys had boundless energy. Connor's theory was that because they were shorter, the altitude wasn't affecting them as much. Har har.

Eventually we made it to the top, but not before we explored the crater just below the peak. That was a mistake. We were so tired after struggling up and down crevices that we almost didn't get to the peak. But when we finally summited, it was glorious.

We ate our lunch. Everyone up on the peak that day celebrated with everyone else over how we all made it.
Look! It's Shasta in the distance. It's about 70 miles from Lassen.

Then came the climb down. I had borrowed hiking sticks from my parents. It was a good move. The trail is pretty rocky in places and it's easy to loose your footing. As we got lower and lower, the air becomes positively soupy. There was so much oxygen it was exciting.

And so on September 27, 2015, we earned our Lassen patch. We climbed the mountain and lived to tell the tale. 

Then we stopped by Dutch Bros to get some liquid energy (Dutch Freeze) before driving all the way back home.


Anonymous said...

Your volcano adventure reminds me of Mt Ruapehu and the view you get from the top. Fortunately, I didn't climb it. We got a ski lift up. :D You definitely deserved your liquid energy treat after that!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I was also hiking on a Volcano in Hawaii earlier this year and these children kept running past me while I was so out of breath, I was so puzzled! It must indeed be a size thing ;)

Danette Bartelmay said...

Hello Audry!
I've been away from blogging for a year now but I'm back...
I just wanted to see what you've been up to and it looks like you've had some adventure in your life :-)

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