Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Hypnoskew And The Evergrowing Stash

Well, you would think that life might slow down just a little after a wedding. But as it turns out, combining lives and stuff (well, mostly adding yarn to Connor's life) is rather time consuming. I also went on a work-ish trip last week that involved getting up around 7AM every day and passing out close to 11PM with not much time in between. Since then I have suffered a great loss. The sock I cast on the day I got married has gone missing. The yarn, the needles, the bag it was in just vanished. It's been over two weeks. I'm pretty sure it is gone forever. To console myself, I have started a Skew with the Hypnotoad yarn. I call it Hypnoskew. All hail.

I've also been knitting away at my Seadragonus sock with my Happy Go Knitty - BFL sock yarn in Forget Me Not. The pattern is by the lovely Wei Siew. Go knit a pair. It's pretty nifty.

And in between all that and more, I decided it was high time to catch up on photographing all the new stash I had acquired since the last time I had taken pictures of my stash. Bit sobering... but I love it all.

Also, it hasn't stopped me from getting a few more skeins while I was on my trip and a kit off of someone's destash on ravelry to cheer me up after the loss of my sock. Clearly, knitting the Hypnoskew has the long-lasting ability to erase any memory of buying yarn. 


Anonymous said...

I am very sure that the blade of grass sock will turn up somewhere that you least expect it to. It will be a bonus when you find it. :-)

In the meantime, the hynoskew is coming along very well. I think I am to blame for quite a lot of that stash acquisition shown... soreee... not really. :D

Anonymous said...

Oh, I hope that sock turns up! I bet it's somewhere weird and once life gets properly settled you'll find it. (Maybe you left it somewhere and it is patiently waiting for you?) Either way, that sucks in the meantime. Thank goodness the Hypnotoad yarn was there to console you!

Alicia said...

Never fear, I lost a project bag right after my wedding that was missing for 8 months, but it turned up! Check the weirdest places, like inside other bags or the bottom of your new husband's closet (where mine was). Best of luck with all the moving, organizing, and life-combining!

Maryse said...

I hope you find your sock... How strange... Your turquoise sock look beautiful! And wow, that's a lot of new yarn!

DKnits said...

I hope your sock will appear magically very soon! I hope one day, you will post about finding it! :)

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