Friday, February 6, 2015

Christmas In Kentucky

Back in December, I flew out with Connor to spend two weeks in Kentucky with his family for Christmas. After landing, Connor's brother picked us up. Unfortunately we took a wrong turn and accidentally ended up in Indiana.

We took advantage of it and had a look at a nearby fossil bed that was along the Falls of the Ohio State Park.

It was a work trip for Connor, but he still had a few days off to spend on adventures. His brother, cousin, and I went to Natural Bridge on a particularly beautiful day. But, I got to spend plenty of time with different family members while Connor was working. An adventure that stands out is the day Connor's brother and cousin took me out on an excursion that ended with me falling into a river (because of my own pride). Luckily I had packed extra clothes. Also, there aren't pictures because I had enough sense to leave the camera in the car so as to keep it dry.

On a different day, Connor's Mum and I went off to Buffalo Trace distillery. It was fascination to learn about how the distillery was one of three that was allowed to remain open during Prohibition in order to manufacture alcohol for "medicinal" purposes. We also learned that there are remnants of laws from Prohibition that allow pharmacies to sell liquor because of its medicinal qualities.

Last year was the first year I ever had a Christmas tree. But this year I joined the family to cut down one. It was quite an adventure. I fell into a creek during that excursion as well...

I also learned how to chop wood. Connor told me it would be tough because much of what we had to chop was Hedge Apple. I chopped and chopped. Eventually I looked at the axe and noticed that it was pretty flat. I told Connor, "I'm no expert, but is the axe suppose to look like that?" To which Connor replied, "That is the dullest axe I've ever seen." 
We told his Dad about it later and I was asked if Connor had been hazing me. Connor replied that it was chopping wood on "hard mode."

I had a fantastic time out in Kentucky. The only thing I missed was snow. The day we left the temperature dropped. Ah well, I'm sure I'll get to see it in the future.


Alicia said...

You can have some of our snow in the northeast, it's getting to be a nuisance. :) That photo with the Christmas tree is priceless!

Anonymous said...

More fabulous adventures! I was stacking wood for winter yesterday, and looking longingly at it, wondering when I would be getting my axe out... it will be nice when the temps drop again. Hope all your plans are going well!

Jennifer said...

Looks like a great adventure... in both Kentucky and Indiana! I am very impressed that you were chopping wood with a dull axe.

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