Saturday, January 31, 2015

Crazy Person

So... it's been three weeks since I last got onto the blog. What has happened? Well, Connor and I have decided on a short engagement and will be getting married on March 1st of this year. This means we are running around at full speed arranging All The Things. Also, I was offered the most amazing job and started this month. But with great amazingness come great responsibility. I look forward to sharing more details in the future.
I also hope to be able to knit again at some point. I think I've knit maybe five rounds in the last three weeks. Despite this fact, I have still ordered yarn (that hasn't shown up yet) to knit a shawl for the wedding. I am a crazy person.
My poor, neglected projects. On the left is a Seadragonus sock and on the right is a mistake rib cowl.

As if there wasn't enough going on, in between New Zealand and now Connor and I have been in Kentucky as well as Oregon visiting each other's family. I hope to have some time to catch up on everything in the near future. Who else has crazy notions of fitting three months worth of work into one?


Jennifer said...

Congratulations on a short engagement and an amazing job opportunity!

Andi G said...

All your happenings are making me freak out! :) If anyone can do all this and still remain sane, it would be you. Congratulations on the new job and wedding in March.

Alicia said...

WOWZA! Can't wait to hear more about your job, congratulations! And how exciting to have your wedding so soon! You can totally fit everything in, the nice thing about weddings is you get to pick what you want to include and what you don't -- it's supposed to be a reflection of you two as a couple, so you can essentially make it however you'd like!

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