Monday, December 1, 2014


Dennis and Diane had some guests come and visit from Australia. So the day after finishing the post and rail, we all headed out for a day at Akaroa. First was a stop at the top of a vista before driving down to the harbor.

Sometimes I just think to myself, "Only in New Zealand."

We separated for a bit and I walked up and down the main street before going into the local museum.

We were suppose to meet at the car, but I must have been a little too long because when I came to where the car was suppose to be, it wasn't. I walked along the water front in the general direction that I thought they said the restaurant was going to be. I'll admit to being a little shaken up, but thankful I had a cell phone that was getting coverage.

We had a nice lunch and I volunteered myself as the designated driver. On our way towards the car we got another, "Only in New Zealand" experience. This man was walking a lamb and a dog. Too funny!


Alina Sayre said...

Okay. That is BEAUTIFUL. I'm looking for hobbits on those hills. Also, I want to take a lamb for a walk!

Alicia said...

You are seriously giving me wanderlust.

Anonymous said...

Stunning pics as usual Audry. That lamb walking photo is classic!! I haven't seen that happen before!

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