Monday, June 23, 2014

The Velveteen Scooter

Sometimes I wonder why Scooter's body puts so much emphasis on hair growth. I gave him a great haircut in March. Come June, it's back to fluffy.
He's getting ready for his haircut nap

Luckily he sits very nicely for his hair cuts. We sit out in the backyard and he falls asleep as I trim away with a pair of scissors. Isn't he handsome. If only you all could reach through the screen and feel how velvety he is now. And because all that hair is gone, he gets a little cooler in the evenings, which means we wants to cuddle!

He's all nice and clean because he will be staying with a friend for bit while my Mum and I go on a little trip. I'm hoping to get some neat pictures to share when I get back.


Alina Sayre said...

Aw, look at that handsome little man! I know someone who will greatly appreciate clean Scooter :)

Jennifer said...

Scooter is so adorable!

savannahchik said...

my favorite part of this post is that he FALLS ASLEEP as you trim him! he loves it and it helps you keep your house clean too.

we need to use a furminator on our cats to keep up with the fur and we tell them that they're being good family members by letting us brush them. yes they're cats so we brush them and tell them thank you :)

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