Monday, November 18, 2013

Finish All The Things!

It's funny how every autumn, everyone gets really busy, including me! After getting the books, it was just event after event. I barely have had a chance to catch my breath. Anyways, I was thinking about what to write and I realized that I haven't talked much about what I've knit, much less what I've finished in quite some time. So without further ado, here is a parade of FOs starting with one from (gasp) August. I made the Free Bees pattern in 2011, but it wasn't until this year that I knit myself a pair. So here is August's FO. Free Bees knit with Tosh Sock in the Gilded color way.

In September I knit up my third pair of Velomeisters from the yarn I got during the epic yarn crawl of '13. This was the closest match of yarn I could find to match my crazy bike shoes. The orange is so loud in both the shoes and socks that there was no way to get the camera sensor to capture them correctly. Just know that it's hard to miss me when I bike by. The yarn is Alchemy Juniper in the Blue Jay Way and Tangerine color ways.

In October I knit up both a Deep Sea Wanderer, seen in an earlier post, and this Watch Cap. The hat was for a friend's birthday. He was thrilled. I had a hard time giving it up though, it fit me pretty well. The yarn is  Plymouth Worsted Superwash Merino in the Dark Gray color way. 

Then there is the Pomatomus socks. It took me from September to November to make these. And considering that I knit on them nearly everyday, that is far longer than they should have taken. Previous posts explain the multiple problems I had (because of me, not the pattern.) The socks are awesome though. The yarn is Socks That Rock Medium Weight in the Tlingit color way that Alicia destashed on me. Thanks Alicia! The socks truly rock.

So what am I left with? Well, I'm knitting my father a birthday sweater. I started in September, but I completely ignored it in favor of finishing the Pomatomus socks. However, as soon as the socks were done, I realized that I had less than a month to finish the sweater. So I have been completely monogamous with this project. It is my only WIP at the moment. That's right. I have nothing else on the needles. I have so many things I want to cast on, but I know I won't finish this on time if I do.
It is Brownstone out of Naturally Mainlander Aran in color 862. Dad was with me when I bought the yarn in New Zealand in 2010. He said, "Maybe you could make me a sweater." I laughed at him. I'd never made a sweater before and I certainly wasn't ever going to make a dad-sized sweater. I suppose the joke is on me. (The picture below isn't current. I've only got 2.25 inches left of the collar, then it is just all the finishing work.)

I don't even know what to cast on next. Everything seems exciting at this point.
What are you guys working on these days? Or are you about to have a bout of start-itus like me?


Anonymous said...

That's a super wonderful list of projects! Thanks for sharing them. I really like that watch cap too. Having just finished my latest pattern, and the major Hoodie, I think it's time I did something about a summer cardigan. It's getting far too warm for everything else I own!

Looking forward to seeing what you knit next!

Unknown said...

Love the melon colored Sox!love the pics too....I love all your energy completing projects!I'm looking for my gold ones to show u.. Sadly they might be in DC :(

DKnits said...

Your socks are beautiful! Love the golden color of the free bees. I was never able to knit pomatomus socks properly, yours look great!

Anonymous said...

Bees! Velomeisters! Amazing Tlingit Pomatomusus! You are such a roll it's making my needles itch.

Alicia said...

Your socks look fabulous! And the yarn definitely got to begin its sock life far sooner with you than it would've with me. :) I love the yarn you are using for your dad's sweater, it looks so cozy! As for start-itis, I feel like I always have it. Also, your book arrived today! So exciting to page through it on paper!

Maryse said...

I like the two pairs of socks a lot! The Pomatomus have been in my queue for quite some time. Great parade! !!

Jennifer said...

Good for you... finishing so many projects! Of course, they are all very beautiful!

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