Saturday, August 31, 2013

Black Beauty Rides On

The fifth pattern in Lit Knits was inspired by Anna Sewell's book, Black Beauty, which was published in 1877. Black Beauty Rides On is a toe-up sock pattern featuring hoof prints that are flanked on either side by cart tracks. During much of the book, Black Beauty pulls carriages and carts, so his tracks would often be accompanied by wheel ruts.

I talked a little bit about the photo shoot during a March blog post. But now that I can actually show the socks, I have a few more details to add. First off, we were really luck to get permission to be in a field full of horses. And many of these guys were curious. At one point in the shoot, we had a series of horses come up behind the model. We didn't want to startle the horses (or the model) so every time a horse would sneak up, we'd say "Horse behind you!"

"Horse behind you!" 

This lasted for awhile. 

One of the shots I was hoping to get was to have the horse's face right next to the socks. The horses were pretty uninterested in grazing right next to socks, so we brought out our secret weapon: apples and carrots. It turns out that it's pretty hard to get a good sock shot next to a horse nibbling fruits and veggies. It does lead to some good outtakes, though.

There were quite a few good shots I wasn't able to use for the book. Either the horse was looking perfect but the socks weren't in focus, or the socks were well positioned but the horse turned suddenly, so all you could see was it's rump. 

But when everything lined up, it was pure magic.


DKnits said...

I adore this pattern: these socks will be my next project for sure!

Unknown said...

Those are some gorgeous horses!

Alina Sayre said...

Hehehe...great stories about the outtakes :) After half an hour of being invisible, those horses sure were excited to eat everything in sight!

Jennifer said...

I love Black Beauty! I also love horses and used to ride them when I was younger. Beautiful socks!

paty said...

Your beautiful patterns, coupled with beautiful stories make even me want to learn to knit!!! And what fun you had taking photos!!

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