Thursday, June 27, 2013

All The Socks

Awhile back I said something about casting on All The Socks when I was done knitting for the book. And so I have. 

These are the Leyburn pattern. I made a pair in 2011. The pattern is a good one, so I made another pair. This pair is out of some of the yarn I got last month while I was in New Zealand: Knitsch in the Odelay colorway. 

Immediately after blocking these socks, I wound up some of the yarn I got at this year's Stitches West. This is Blue Moon Fiber's Silkie Sock in the Mossley Manly colorway. I blame Alicia on Woolen Diversions. This colorway has shown up from time to time on her blog and I desired it.

The pattern is Vanilla Latte. The pattern is good, but I am a dummy. When I put in the toe, I couldn't figure out why I had 10 more stitches on the bottom than the top. The foot of the sock also seemed a bit loose. Eventually I determined that I chosen to randomly not decrease enough stitches in the gusset. Want to guess how many stitches I was off by.

If 10 stitches is your guess, you are right. The foot of this sock has since been ripped out and reknit. I'm on the second sock now. This is the number one reason I don't do socks 2-at-a-time. I don't need to mess up a two socks at the same time.

Is anyone else knitting socks at the moment? Have you had any dumb sock moments?


Pumpkin said...

I will never understand how those moments happen, I'm always completely convenced that everything went right until it is clear it isn't. I love the finished pair, the colors are loud and cheerful! You've made me really want to cast on for some socks!

Anonymous said...

Your Leyburns look sooo coool!! They are the perfect pattern for Odelay quite obviously. The way it has striped looks like little tigers on your feet! Love it.

Stupid socks moments? haha, quite a lot. Fortunately, i can usually make them work (except for last night, when I ripped out the whole sock and decided to knit something different instead).

Amanda K said...

I often have stupid moments in knitting, usually when I am on a roll and feeling awesome and get too far ahead of myself.
Love your finished pair, so bright and happy.

Maryse said...

I tink very often for errors I just can't understand. Like yesterday, I picked up a cast off and started knitting on the wrong side (in the round)... I could not understand why it wasn't doing a cast off but adding a little link... It took me at least 5 minutes to figure out how to start again! A very regular cast off!!!

DKnits said...

I often had dumb errors with my socks. Once I had two (finished and ends woven) socks: One was one inch shorter than the other.
Oh, and also, I once made the grafting for the toe all wrong (the "seam" was vertical instead of horizontal) :s
Love all your socks! Particularly like the Vanilla Latte's color. Grey and yellow combo is a favorite of mine

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