Sunday, February 24, 2013

Celestarium In The Wild

This past weekend I spent time at Stitches West. And I'm proud to report that I saw some Celestarium shawls in the wild! 
I was introduced to the first one through a friend because it was still a WIP. Marie is closing in on finishing her version, which is made of Colinette Jitterbug. It looks great already.
Standing in the Abstract Fiber booth

I heard Alison (on the right), was going to be at Stitches, so we arranged to meet up. She did her version in a laceweight by JaggerSpun and added a border to give it more heft. Pictures do not do it justice. Later on, whenever we passed each other in the market place, we pointed to each other and shouted something like, "Awesome shawl!" 
My buddy David is on the left

The sighting of this version was truly serendipitous. I met up to have a dinner with the South Bay Knitters. As we were leaving, my buddy Vivian said, "Hey, isn't that a Celestarium?" The owner in question was outside, walking to her car. So Vivian and I did what was only logical; we ran after the Celestarium yelling, "Is that a Celestarium?!" Jen was kind enough to stop and let us take a bunch of pictures. Her version is made of Tosh Merino Light in the Volga colorway.
At Pedros

The last sighting was one that I did know about. This Celestarium was at the Blue Moon Fiber Arts booth.It was the version I knit up for Twist Collective out of Blue Moon's Seduction in the Haida colorway. I had gotten an email a few weeks ago asking if Blue Moon could borrow the shawl to display at their booths at Madrona and Stitches West. After doing a little dance in front of the computer, I sent a polite "Yes."
Blue Moon Fiber Arts booth

Stitches West was loads of fun. The inevitable "Loot I Got At Stitches" post will be coming up soon. And let me tell you, I did some damage.


DKnits said...

All these shawls are wonderful Audry! The success of your shawl is very well deserved. Once I'm not on yarn diet anymore, I'll just have to by the yarn to knit a Celestarium myself - It's a true beauty

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow!! Aren't they gorgeous!? I bet you were on Cloud 9.

You won't believe this... I went to start mine, and found that I don't possess any 3.5mm DPNs! And the yarn store didn't have any in stock. So... it's still waiting to be started. :[

José said...

Wow ! Smashing ! Must be grand to see your pattern appreciated as it deserves :)

Andi G said...

How proud you must be. I must say when I was watching Sheepish Knits videocast and saw that she was knitting one, I let out a squee for you!
All of the knitters did such a beautiful job with your beautiful pattern!

Elaine said...

That's so awesome!!! You are so creative and original, and it's *so neat* to see that creativity spreading & blessing others :D

Alina Sayre said...

Woohoo! Way to go, you famous knit designer, you :)

Anonymous said...

Ah! That's so awesome Audry! I love all those versions, and I bet the knitters were just as excited to meet you as you were to see them with their shawls :)

paty said...

Each yarn just makes it a little different but they are all so beautiful! And I got to see the first one in person! :)...So very proud of you!!

WildflowerWool said...

Love the shawls!! I have added the pattern to my favs

Jennifer said...

That is so cool to see so many shawls from your pattern in the wild! I cannot even imagine how wonderful that must feel!!!

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