Wednesday, November 28, 2012

You Bought Yarn, Didn't You

Yesterday was a normal work day. When I got home, I walked by the sink to drop off my sandwich container, like usual. And as I reached my room, I heard my Mum call out, "You bought yarn, didn't you." How the heck did she know. My bag didn't look suspicious. I'd only been home for two minutes.
Turns out the receipt had stuck to the sandwich container. But it's ok. This yarn is for a baby shower gift. As I'm sure most knitters know, it doesn't matter how big your stash is. You never have the right yarn for gift knitting. Especially when that gift has a tight deadline.

The other knit gift is now a longer pile of noodles. I'm still in shawl edging purgatory. Only 30 more repeats until I get to the next bit. The yarn is 100% mulberry silk. I've never blocked out mulberry silk. I hope it opens up well.

My Skyp sock is coming along well... now. I had to rip out large portions of the sock twice. Both times were my fault. I messed up the pattern once and it was noticeable. The second time I missed a repeat of the pattern before the heel. I decided it would be easier to rip the heel than to edit the pattern to accommodate my mistake. But I have tried on the sock and it fit great. I think Socks That Rock lightweight might be a new favorite sock yarn. It just feels like it is going to wear well.

I have to confess that even though it looks like I'm being productive, I am so stressed right now. I have more shifts at work, knitting commitments, and I've been working really hard to learn how to grade sweaters. Sweater sizing is really tough. (Or maybe I'm a little ambitious with what I'm trying to design.) I know that everything will pay off in the end and I'm thankful for the opportunities that are coming my way. But it still feels like my body is being squeezed.
On a positive note, I've noticed that there are a fair number of Celestarium KALs planned in the new year on various ravelry boards. I'm really excited to see people's projects in the coming months.


Anonymous said...

Hehe. I totally know what you mean about never having the right yarn for gift knitting.

That's one spoilt baby! Rimu is so beautifully soft and warm. I'm sure you do know this, but make sure you wash this one before you give it to mum. The possum needs the soak to "stabilise" into the wool so it doesn't end up shedding a little and going up bub's nose.

Those socks have come on very nicely (even after knitting them twice!) Since you posted about starting them, I think I've knitted a quarter of mine, and look how far you've got!

The temporary stress you are under will be all worth it. I'm sure of it!

Anonymous said...

Ehh, what's wrong with a little stress yarn buying? I hope things turn out OK with your deadlines. Mine are all academic related, rather than knitting, but I still completely understand what you are going through!

DKnits said...

Yarn bought for gift knitting doesn't count as stash in my opinion.
Love your socks and your magnificent shawl!

Pumpkin said...

Well of course there are a bunch of KALs for that design, who wouldn't want to knit it? I've heard really nice things about mulberry silk, I'm sure that it will block fine and look beautiful as a FO. I'm sorry to hear that you are stressed out! You really shouldn't work so hard, give yourself a break every once in a while.

Maryse said...

I've started a baby gift this week from the stash hé hé ;-) I have a small stash now and my goal is to get rid of it soon... I guess it all starts like this! Your Skyp sock is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Exception: when that gift knitting is little toys. :) Soooooo stashbusty!

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