Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Stop, Sweatertime

The other night I was enjoying a beer and knitting my Émilien sweater. I got to the last row, did the fancy "decrease x number of stitches evenly" bit and somehow ended up with 50 extra stitches. I checked my math, had my Dad check my math, and still had extra stitches. Weird. So I counted my total number of stitches and found out that I am an idiot.

When I worked on the pocket modification, where you increase stitches and put them on some sort of stitch holder, I managed to knit those stitches too... somehow. Note how the fabric is smooth above the orange yarn and puckered underneath. A tell-tale sign that there was a rapid increase. (Also a tell-tale sign that I'm dumb) I was thinking that rows seemed to be taking longer and that there was less room on my circular needles. The good news is that I won't have to buy extra skeins of yarn like I thought.

Has anyone else had any "Why am I dumb" moments lately?


A Lost Feather said...

oh man.. there is math involved in knitting? another reason why i would be miserable at it haha :)

ah the cellphone light source! the only reason i thought of it was because i was desperate. we'd wasted all the sparklers on mistakes and outtakes and i was sooo sad that we didn't get to write summer2011.. i looked around and saw a bunch of my friends messing with their cellphones and realized what needed to happen. they got into.. even downloaded apps to make the screens turn colors haha

Anonymous said...

Here's my moment: I was trying to buy groceries last week and my debit card wouldn't work. I went to the bank to learn that I had accidentally paid my tuition with my checking account instead of savings, so I had overdrawn by $18,000.

Nice fall colors, btw.

Anonymous said...

You're not that much of an idiot... you worked it out didn't you!? Still, all that reknitting! Have enjoyed your past few posts. All that yarn... droool!!! Very pretty colours. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with it. xx

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