Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Baby Hat Release

The day has finally come! All the current animal hats now have baby sizing! If you have already purchased a copy, you have nothing to fear. You can simply re-download the pattern.
You can either go on ravelry to get a copy, or you can click the buy now button by each pattern in this post.
To get the sheep hat pattern for $5: buy now

The pattern itself doesn't change. The small sizing is created by using thinner yarn and smaller needles.
To get the giraffe hat pattern for $5: buy now

There will be a Bear Ears website up in the near future.
To get the fox hat pattern for $5: buy now

But until then, the blog will have to do.
To get the bear hat pattern for $5: buy now


Anonymous said...

Wonderful photo shoot!!!!!

A Lost Feather said...

they are all so adorable. the giraffe is my favorite :) would you ever sell a completed baby hat? i don't have any babies to shop for yet, but when i do i would totally want animal hats for them, but i can't sew (knit?) ah i don't even know the right terminology!

Audry said...

I do knit finished hats on occasion, although not terribly often. I make them by special request.

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