Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Death Of A Camera

I was about to take some finishing shots for a blog post I've been preparing when my camera wouldn't turn on. Again. I've had my trusty Canon G6 Powershot for over five years now. I used it so heavily that it wore out before the warranty ran out and I had it repaired. But now the rechargeable battery won't keep a charge and the autofocus has severe difficulty in low light as well as close-up situations.

This means I am now in the market for a new camera. This time around I'd like to have a camera that I can manually focus if need be. I'm looking for something versatile enough to do anything from landscapes to decent macro shots. With the gobs of money I have (haha... I wish) I'd love to get a canon ef 24-70mm lens.

But I'm undecided on what my dream camera body should be. Any suggestions?


Marcail said...

hmm...looks like you won't be buying any yarn anytime soon...yeah right!
I'm sorry your camera is dead though. You've had some good times and good shots. What do you do with a camera carcass? Mine is an elderly camera too, so I'm wondering what to do with old technology once it can't be used at all?

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