Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wizard At Shasta

Anyone ever hear of the Devil's Horn. Me neither. Not until I moved out by the mill. These seed pods are huge. The pod itself is the length of your longest finger and the horns branch off even farther. I wasn't too worried about them until I heard they they can kill sheep.

I had seen one on one of our sheep's bottoms. I thought I'd be a hero, so I grabbed it. I didn't realize how good the pods are at burying themselves in wool. The sheep ran away and I had a nice gash on my finger. A word of advise, if ever you want to remove a Devil's Horn from a sheep, I would suggest either using pliers or immobilizing the sheep while you pull the pod out.

Of course I did this right before I hopped in the car with my family to go visit more family in Oregon. On our way up we passed Mt Shasta. I thought it looked like it had a wizard hat on.

When we stopped by a rest area past Weed, near an airport, Mum and I discovered that there is an ordinance guiding rock throwing.

Past Yreka, there is a barn with State of Jefferson painted on it. It was a movement to have Northern California and Southern Oregon become its own state. I heard it got pretty close to happening at one point in time.

Not far past the barn there is a metal cow sculpture. It is frequently dressed up. This time it was pink for breast cancer support.

The trip went well and the car ride back was uneventful. When I got back to the mill, I had a lovely view of the sky.

And because I'm a little crazy, I spent the rest of the evening finishing off my cloud pillow. Whooo. Busy weekend.


Marcail said...

Hot dang! That pillow looks nice. Can't wait to see it in person. Also, there's a secret society known as the Lemurians who supposedly live inside Mt. Shasta...Interesting photo you've captured here...

Anonymous said...

I love what you did with the cloud yarn! That's such a good idea.

Your photos make me miss California. That drive is so pretty.

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