Sunday, June 20, 2010

Black Sheep Gathering

I got to go to Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene with my lovely coworker Marcail! We saw all sorts of sheep and fiber. The stuff dreams are made of.

There was sheep judging. We caught the Jacob's Sheep part of the judging.

And cute little Shetland lambs. I didn't have enough sense to take any pictures of the many vendors. But that may have been because I was busy "petting the wool" as my Dad would say.

Marcail's Aunt Leslie very kindly offered us a place to stay while we were in Eugene. She has a cute cabin in the woods.

I even got my own room.

The cabin is right by a river.

I felt like I was in a fairy tale. Big trees enveloped the entire area.

Despite being at Black Sheep Gathering for extraordinary amounts of time, we got a fair amount of spinning done.

And now for the "Loot" shots. I bought plenty of fiber. But only two balls of yarn. I'm very proud of my self restraint. The official list: White Targhee roving from The Fiber Addict; Two balls of Meilenweit Wool color 711 from Woodland Woolworks; Orange/ Turquoise roving, color way - Sahara (there were two, but I spun one before I took the picture) and Lavender roving, color way 108 from Sweet Grass Wool; Bag of Teal roving From Barn To Yarn; Grey roving, color way Springtime (which I have spun before, but needed a little more) Schildt Ranch; and lastly, the variegated teal roving, color way English Garden from Eugene Textile Center.

And the crowning purchase. A graduation gift from my Oma and Opa. My very own spinning wheel. I did plenty of research and tried out a bunch of wheels at BSG. I settled on a Double Treadle Lendrum Folding Wheel from Woodland Woolworks. (The other bit of Sahara Roving is on the bobbin.) Oh the bliss.


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