Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Spinning

In addition to my "knit before Christmas" knitting projects, I had a few "spin before Christmas" spinning projects. I didn't want to show them off until they were delivered because they were a surprise. (And I know the recipients read this blog. Hi guys!)

I spun up three skeins of yarn for my three regular knit night buddies.

It's silly, but I had been worried that my buddies wouldn't like the yarn. I was of course completely wrong. The skeins were a big hit. I also put homemade cookies in the packages as well. I'm sure that helped.

The labels, as seen below, are organized by: skein name, dyer's name, breed of sheep, yardage, yarn weight, and wraps per inch. 

I am now officially done with all things Christmas. I'm now focusing my attention on a sock test knit and a sweater for myself. Go me!


Cindy said...

The cookies were a nice addition, but not nearly so special as the yarn. THANK YOU!!!!!

Jennifer said...

What beautiful yarn! I'm certain that your handspun was a big hit, that is a fantastic gift for knitter friends! I also received some handspun from someone in my knitting group, and it was lovely.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the lavender skein- it looks perfect!

Anonymous said...

Love the color of your yarns! Beautiful spinning work. It's been so long since I've spun my own, you may have just given me the right amount of inspiration I needed to get back to it!

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