Monday, February 15, 2016

Yule Log Cake

Today is my birthday. Last year I was going nuts trying to finish start on the wedding shawl. This year is much more calm. This year the big thing that went on is that I decided I wanted a yule log cake. I know, I know, this isn't the right season for a yule log cake. But I've always wanted one and this year I had a willing victim husband who was willing to make me one. I have food allergies to contend with, so getting a nut-free... and now gluten free cake is a hassle.
It is nut free, stone fruit free, gluten free, but not taste free

So, two days ago he started the cake portion of the recipe. I came in to help a little ways in... but details, details. He started out using the king arthur flour recipe, but we cut out the booze and made the cake cream instead of chocolate.... and made the filling chocolate instead of cream. Apparently we can't leave well enough alone. Also, it was good I came in to have a look. The cake came out twice as thick and wasn't going to roll up right. I used my nemesis, the bread knife, and cut the cake in half. With two thinner cakes, there was only one thing to be done: make two cakes.

The next day we made the chocolate frosting using a betty crocker recipe. Liquid was definitely needed to get the frosting smooth, but water made things grainy. Luckily we had leftover heavy cream, so I added that and it smoothed things out. But that wasn't enough for me, oh no! For the vision to be complete I needed meringue mushrooms. We found great success using a recipe from Natasha's Kitchen.

Look! These are meringue cookies and they look like mushrooms! I love things that look like other things.

The only problem we had in all of this is that we lack certain tools, like, we don't own an electric mixer. So we made the cream filling with a whisk. That went ok. But we also made the meringue with our whisk... and broke it. Both of us were exhausted and sweaty after mixing meringue. But the mushrooms are so adorable! It was worth it.
I plan on gluing this back together, but I think that the design isn't right for us

After the meringue workout, we decided that we clearly needed:
1. A new whisk
2. An egg beater
I'm excited to whip cream and meringue with the egg beater. I imagine it will be a little less tiring.

The only problem we have now is who to eat the second cake with. The first one is coming with us over to my parents' house. The second we were going to share with the neighbors. But most of them came down with the flu yesterday and it doesn't look like things are getting any better over there. So.... who wants to come over for cake?


Anonymous said...

A Very Happy Birthday Audry! I hope you have a lovely day surrounded by your cherished friends and loved ones! The cake looks awesome! What a lovely thing to do to make it together with Connor! And those mushrooms!! So cool!

Danette Bartelmay said...

A very Happy {if belated} Birthday Dear Audry!
Your Cake looked so DARN CUTE!!! Who cares what time of year it is?!!
The little mushrooms just made it look earthy.

Maryse said...

These meringue cookies really look like mushrooms! How funny :) They look yummy too!

Maryse said...

Oh and happy belated birthday!!!

Alicia said...

I am behind on blogs, sorry I missed your birthday! Incidentally, that yule cake is what my pregnancy app uses as an indicator of the baby's size this week. Funny coincidence!

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