Sunday, April 4, 2010

First Feature

I've been busy and subsequently very sore from working at the Yolo Wool Mill. I hope to take some pictures of me at work soon since the machines are so cool. But until I get a picture of the actual mill, here is a picture of the surrounding area.

In other news, I got featured in a blog on Thursday. Moleskinerie posted up pictures of my Moleskine passports.

I wouldn't have known except when I came home after work I saw that I had 68 new views on my blog. Normally, I'm lucky if I have ten views a day. Note the large spike.

And now for the Scooter report. Every time Scooter comes near me, I've had an allergy attack. I figured it was just pollen on his fur, so today he got a bath. Scooter is not a big fan of the bath.

After his bath, Scooter spent the next ten minutes running around like a maniac, throwing himself at the rug and shaking himself with vigor. I'm sure he's happy that is over with.


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